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Kravabowls Cold Pressed Juiices in Avila Beach provide a new variation of cold pressed juices in SLO County. If you are looking for cold pressed juices in San Luis Obispo, Kravabowl is a great pick forcustomized and fresh cold pressed juices. 

Acai Bowls, SLO

The Story Behind

The Acai Berry Bowl
Acai Bowls on the Beach


To Start, Fill, or End Your Day!

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Acai Bowls in SLO County



Acai Bowls in San Luis Obispo
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Acai Bowls and Organic Salads in SLO County
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The roots of the Acai Bowl originate in Brazil. It is said that the Jiu-Jitsu Fighters and Brazilian surfers would religiously consume the bowls in an effort to vitalize and recharge their bodies with energy. The bowls quickly caught on with surfers in Hawaii and now has become routine worldwide to eat bowls as meals after surf sessions and workouts to restore natural energy and to satisfy hunger. Upon our first bite of an Acai bowl we realized this meal was truly something special. It is literally something you "krave" and we wanted to bring those "kravings" home and bring Acai Bowls to SLO County. Read More...


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Cold Pressed Juices

Through a slow and careful process of hydraulically extracting fruit and vegetable juice, you not only get the highest quality plant-based nutrition available, you also get the freshest tasting juice possible. Cold press juicers use just enough pressure to extract the juice while preserving its vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and overall nutrients up to five times more than any other juicer. Because cold press juicing is so precise with its process of extraction, there is minimal air and heat so very little oxidation occurs. This means you can enjoy our cold pressed juice up to 3 days after extraction!

Why choose an Acai Bowl?

100% Natural

Rich in Vitamins

 Seasonally Organic

No Sugar Added

 Low in Calories

Detoxifing Benefits

Acai Bowls in San Luis Obispo

Proud Partner

Cold Pressed Juice SLO County

"When drinking Kravabowls raw, unpasteurized

cold pressed juices you are cleansing the body

of impurities with the highest quality

nutrients possible.  Our juices

naturally boost your immunity,

making you feel rejuvenated,

full of energy, healthy, balanced

and excited to be alive!"

- Jacki Mantel Co-Owner

Kravabowl loves their acai bowls and even more they love acai! It seems the acai berry and acai bowl has been hyped beyond belief lately! Although some have said that acai benefits include burning fat, slowing aging, lowering high cholesterol, and increasing libido. We at Kravabowl just feel that an acai bowl offers the same benefits you get from any food with antioxidants and healthy omega acids, that assist in reducing free radicals and improving ones heart health. Bottom line, acai is a fruit, a powerful one at that and we here at Kravabowl feel everyone could use more acai bowls in their diet!

Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls San Luis Obispo

Benefits of Acai

  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and mono-unsaturated oleic oil (‘beautifying oil’).

  • Rich in antioxidants that scavenge free radicals within the body, fighting disease     and promoting longevity.

  • Helps regenerate stem cells.

  • Contains 19 different amino acids, the building blocks for protein.

  • Excellent source of dietary fiber

  • Low-glycemic index

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals; calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotine and vitamin E 

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