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Best Acai in SLO

Acai Berry

Pronounced "Ah-sigh-ee", this dark purple berry often referred to as the “beauty berry” is deliciously powerful. The skin of the açaí berry is enriched with the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other known fruit in the world! It has 16 types of antioxidant compounds, compared to 5 in blueberries. These life-enhancing antioxidants and omegas protect against free radicals and promote overall health, increased energy, and vitality.  


Cacao is a beanlike seed from which chocolate is made.  Dubbed by the Mayans as “Food of the Gods” for its delicious taste and amazing health benefits. Cacao contains a treasure of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as calcium zinc, iron and potassium.  Cacao supports a healthy cardiovascular system, immune system and a beautiful mind. 

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have the highest plant based source of omega 3, dietary fiber, and vitamins and minerals (especially calcium and iron). This special seed has countless distinct advantages and health benefits. One of our favorite qualities of Chia is its ability to curb cravings while keeping you hydrated.  Chia seeds naturally slow down the absorption of carbs helping to control the appetite leaving you feeling fuller for longer.  

Goji Berries

Goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and more iron than soybeans or spinach! These berries are potent with nutrition and contain high quality proteins, healthy fats and soluble fiber.  Don’t forget to smile!  Rumor has it Goji berries, often referred to as “The Happy Berry”, can help stimulate mood and boost libido.

Pitaya is a cactus fruit from Central America that has as earthy strawberry raspberry taste. Known for its low sugar and anti-inflammatory benefits,this superfruit is loaded with Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Pitaya or Dragon fruit is also known to have some health benefits that includes preventing memory loss, anti cancer activity, control of blood glucose level in diabetes, anti-oxidant properties, aids in healing of wounds and others.



Referred to as kalpa vriksha (Sanskrit for “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live”) in ancient India, the coconut palm has been recognized as a top immune booster, anti-fungal, antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial remedy for thousands of years all over the world.


Most people have used honey to sweeten foods and beverages, but few realizethat it’s a powerful food, beauty aide and a topical antibiotic. Honey naturally contains 18 amino acids, plus small amounts of a many vitamins and minerals.


Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

Broccoli's nutritional profile is impressive. It contains high levels of fiber (both soluble and insoluble) and is a rich source of vitamin-C. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin A, iron, vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus, as well as phyto-nutrients which are compounds that lower the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. 


Bananas are packed with nutrients and are especially high in potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins C and B6. Eating bananas can help with battling depression, keeping bowel movements regular, improving heartburn, and lowering the risks of kidney cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis and blindness.


Kale is a leafy green cruciferous vegetable that is chock-full of essential vitamins A, C and K, as well as minerals like copper, potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus. A cup of fresh kale has only about 40 calories but packs almost 3 grams of protein.

Unlike spinach, kale's oxalate content is very low which means that the calcium and iron in kale are highly absorbable in the human digestive system.


Bee Pollen

Called "bee bread", bee pollen is a tiny granule of pollen formed by bees to feed the hive. The overall composition of bee pollen has massive amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and nutrients.  Bee pollen consists of 40% protein, which is absorbed well by the human body. It’s considered one of the most complete natural foods abundant in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural antibiotics, hormones, enzymes and fats.

These tiny little gems do indeed pack a potent punch. They rank the highest of any fruit for antioxidants (those free- radical- fighting powerhouses), and one cup delivers 14% of the recommended daily dose of fiber and nearly a quarter of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.


The consumption of hemp dates back to the stone age and can still be found in Mediterranean and certain Asian countries. Hemp granola contains high amounts of minerals, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, which are all essential for good health and optimal growth.

Hemp Granola

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