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We're Bringing Acai Bowls to SLO County!

Acai Bowl in San Luis Obispo
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Organic Food San Luis Obispo
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KRAVABOWL was created out of a desire to bring acai bowls to SLO county. Founders, Mark and Jacki Mantel, were exposed to the acai bowl years ago in San Diego, CA. It was literally love at first bite and they have had a 'kraving" for these delicious bowl ever since. After they were married, they moved up the coast to San Luis Obispo, Ca, to raise their daughter near family and friends. However, they quickly realized that the one thing this beautiful area did not have was an authentic and unique variety of acai bowls. So after a year of planning and hopes of property coming available on the coast they found their first location in Avila Beach. And so Kravabowl was born. 


When it comes to location, the first place that popped into their heads was Avila Beach. Why Avila?? Well, it is one of their most loved spots in the entire Central Coast. Known for its year-round beautiful weather, un-candid views, and endless options for outdoor fun, Avila seemed like the perfect place to put down roots. So as of summer 2014, Kravabowl came to San Luis Obispo county!!


As founders, we are excited and beyond thrilled to share our passion for health, quality food, active lifestyle and love for our environment. We believe in this product and we have seen the results of what it is like to have acai, as well as juices and smoothies in our diet. We also believe in making a difference in our community. So in addition to promoting healthy alternatives here for our community in Avila, we also have chosen to buy locally grown produce. Our desire is to be a voice here in San Luis Obispo. And we hope to do this thru the world of acai, pressed juices, salads and  smoothies.


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Sustainability is our Goal!


We believe in sourcing organic and local food from farmers and respectable distributors. All of our produce is non-gmo and pesticide free!


We use 100% plant-based compostable packaging non derived from oil. This includes our bowls, cutlery, and beverage cups. Our bags, napkins and utensils are 100% PCC.


We compost food scraps in our kitchens. We have composting and recycling stations for our customers to compost their packaging and recycle their bottles.

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