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The roots of the Acai Bowl originate in Brazil. It is said that the Jiu-Jitsu Fighters and Brazilian surfers would religiously consume the bowls in an effort to vitalize and recharge their bodies with energy. The bowls quickly caught on with surfers in Hawaii and now has become routine worldwide to eat bowls as meals after surf sessions and workouts to restore natural energy and to satisfy hunger. Upon our first bite of an Acai bowl we realized this meal was truly something special. It is literally something you "krave" and we wanted to bring those "kravings" home with us and bring Acai Bowls to SLO County. And at that moment, Kravabowl was born!


Kravable was built specifically around the Acai bowl and our passion for health, wellness, and vitality. One of the best parts about Acai is how it compliments so many other things. This has allowed us to get creative in our ingredients and menu, making every bowl unique in its own. Our acai is 100% organic and is blended frozen with a variety of products such as rich dark colored berries, strawberry, bananas & almond butter. The bowl is then topped off with amazing ingredients like granola, local honey, bee pollen, gogi berries and assorted fruit. There are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or dairy in our product. Which is why we believe our bowls will not only satisfy your tastebuds, but will make your body beg for more!


With the doors almost open in beautiful Avila Beach we want to welcome you all to try one of the best acai bowls in SLO County! With over a dozen unique bowls to choose from we know you will not be disappointed!

Acai Bowls in SLO County

Kravabowl has brought the

Acai Bowl to SLO County!

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